Healing the Heart-Mind-Body in America’s Work Culture with Susmita Barua, The Mindful Life, Work, And Enlightenment Coach

HENDERSONVILLE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2021 / The year 2020 taught us to slow down, take a pause, realize how precious life is, and the importance of self-awareness, healthy body-mind, and mindfulness.

“People are living on autopilot with high-level stress and loneliness, burning out and repeating the same mundane routine day after day,” says Susmita Barua, founder of Susmita Barua Coaching and Consulting.

She developed her mindfulness-based stress transformation (MBST) coaching offerings after she realized she could no longer live a life of internal stress and fatigue from a constant lack of inner connection, value, engagement, meaning, and authenticity.

Like many immigrants, Susmita came to the United States in search of true freedom by realizing the American dream in the “land of the free and home of the brave.” Instead, she found herself drowning in the daily stress of living in a new country and culture as a graduate student without any close friends, family, or community support network. Being responsible for her new marriage and a baby and adapting to a full-time city planning job in an all-male environment, she found herself spiraling into deep dissatisfaction, inner discontent, and a crisis of identity. She recalls contemplating the value of right livelihood, money, and life itself.

“How can we thrive beyond just survival? How can our hearts and minds flourish and bring what is best and uniquely within us into the world? The whole planet seems to be going in the wrong direction of greed, hate, external validation, and ignorance. What can we do to get clear and find our true direction, vision, and deep desire to be part of the solution?”

After dealing with workplace discrimination, Susmita decided to quit her job and became her own therapist and guide. She became more calm and mindful and made an intention to live in the present, being happy and curious, much like her 3-year-old daughter. She made it a priority to know her own heart-mind by turning all senses and her mind inward and unplugging from any past hurts and future career worries. She could calm her own emotions by reflecting on her own goodness and early life events when she felt whole and safe with no lack of separation from anything.

“I made the choice and intention to be more present, unplugging from all past hurt and worries of the future; soon I stabilized my monkey mind and listened to my own heart’s intelligence and guidance,” Susmita says.

She spent seven months focusing on contemplative self-inquiry, sustained four fields of mindful-awareness with wise attention, and spontaneously entered meditative absorption. Then she had a profound Awakening!

“When you find the courage to face your pain and go within, you’ll be surprised how much wisdom, inner peace, joy, and happiness there is. Life becomes quite simple, wholesome, unentangled, kind, and focused.”

In 2004, Susmita started holding workshops in libraries and bookstores, she soon found herself becoming a voice and advocate for noble mindful living, helping both men and women across the country gain awareness through her website and blogs. About five years ago, Susmita was able to turn this passion into a coaching business. Her service business has allowed her to serve a diverse portfolio of clients, including CEOs, coaches, healers, educators, professional women, cultural creatives, empaths, intuitives, minorities, students, and seniors. After receiving her multi-lineage Buddhist teacher credential as a Dharmacharya in 2016, she now offers secular, interfaith, and Buddhist mindfulness-based retreats, 3 months to year-long mindfulness-based coaching programs, and advanced coaching on factors of Awakening and Enlightenment. Through her quiet work, she is creating a more engaged, innovative, self-aware, emotionally intelligent, wise, compassionate, and mindful society. Her path of engagement work is focused on developing a New Enlightened Paradigm of simplicity, mindful leadership in all human enterprise, sustainable economics, and a culture of peace and compassion.

“The human heart-mind in harmony with life is connected to the spirit or source field; social-emotional intelligence is the foundation of all relationship, and it is important for self and society to grow in wisdom and harmony through cultivation of wise source attention and self-reflection” Susmita says about the impact she hopes her coaching has on the world.

She helps clients learn how to develop calm, intuition, inquiry to transform pain to presence, potential, and power. Once people realize that just by deepening presence, wise insights emerge from within, they can trust and follow this inner guidance system to fulfill intentions with ease and peace.

From free introductory coaching sessions to intensive one-on-one plans, Susmita has created a wide range of services to meet the needs of clients from all walks of life. She is very passionate about the power of coaching and says that everyone can benefit from a life coach in 2021 and make it their best year.

Mindfulness is becoming more and more embraced in the corporate world due to the increase of scientific studies of its benefits. One article from timeqube.com quotes that, “Mindful leadership is a great step to boost your leadership skills and interpersonal relations. It’s simple and straightforward, so why not jump right into it?” No matter what you do for work, leadership skills, communication skills, and just people skills overall are always present, and practicing mindfulness can help one improve in these areas and more. Another article from buddhaimonia.com states that “The thing you begin to notice after a while of practicing mindfulness… it’s a way of life. A very effective approach to life’s major challenges as a whole.” One’s life consists of many different aspects; home life, work-life, personal life, etc. To live a life of mindfulness may as well stem from where you spend your time most, whether that’s home, work, or wherever. Practicing mindfulness in the corporate world or workspace is ever-increasing, and this is becoming better understood and apparent.

Here are three ways everyone can benefit from coaching:

1. Mindful Coaching helps a leader to develop clarity, clear direction, vision, and focus in personal life and also implement a mindfulness-based wellness program at his business. Many CEOs, professionals, changemakers, and solopreneurs do not have a mentor, advisor, or reliable team. Access to someone who will listen to their desire to grow personally and professionally is crucial in getting them where they want to be, especially when their immediate environment is not supportive.

2. A life coach’s experience is valuable and unique, the guidance and mentorship they offer is unmatchable for developing life-long mindfulness skills, self-awareness, and resilience to navigate in uncertain times.

3. A mindful coach sees the inner struggle, limited beliefs, and untapped potential in the client and co-creates an intentional pathway to mindful living, personal success, creativity, and self-awakening. It is a great feeling to have someone supporting your back, giving you the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to grow your potential, rooting for your true happiness, success with ease, inner peace, and ultimate liberation through letting go.

“My own spiritual awakening has been the unspoken highlight of my life, it transformed and impacted my whole life from the inside out. We are empty psychological-spiritual beings having a material human experience. We lose connection with spirit and life-force when we don’t nourish our loving heart by cultivating an open, non-judgemental mind of presence, practice ethics of non-harm in body-mind-speech to give-receive with trust, safety, fearlessness, wisdom, and compassion.”

To find out how you can work with Acharya Susmita Barua, visit her website to view her services and coaching plans at www.susmitabarua.com or connect on LinkedIn. Ask her about her year-long signature program and upcoming book, “Enlightenment with Ease.”

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